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Open a Pinsa & Mozzarella Restaurant or Add Pinsa to Your Menu

Ancient Roma Pizza & Mozzarella Bar New Italian Concept Store

We offer everything you need to Add Pinsa to your location or start a new Pinsa & Mozzarella bar business.

Thanks to our wide range of specialized partners we can provide a package of equipment and products that we have tested and recommended for the pizzeria (kilns, shovels, mixers, ingredients and Italian products ). In this way we can have special price made specifically for our customers

our pinsa chef preparing dough for roman pizza

Pinsa School:

Here at Pinsarella School We offer private and exclusive Pinsa, Pizza Roman Style and alla pala courses and also Cheese Making Courses.

The courses are focused on practice the Pinsarella process.
You will also acquire many secrets and skill. We offer also training how to make mozzarella cheese and other cheese from curd, Leaving cutting forming of the balls of pizza dough.
At the end of these courses, participants will have a good understanding of Pinsarella process, pizza creation and baking.

Why Pinsa Business, What’s Pinsa

Pinsa looks like Pizza but It’s not Pizza It’s PINSA!

Pinsa’s nutritional and high digestibility properties are two elements that will make the difference in the U.S. food market. “ Taste the difference “ Pinsa is an Ancient Roman Pizza. A lighter, healthier version of our beloved authentic Italian pizza

Pizza Market in the US is about a $ 40 billion industry. We have unique product will be aimed at the consumers looking for a healthier and lighter pizza option. This separates us from the ordinary pizza store found in your local neighborhood.
To find out more about Pinsa and how to make it, contact us Using Our Contact Form or call Us at (760) 9605082

pinsa crusts for business

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  1. Great Product, I own a pizzeria in LA and my customers love it. Thank you Pinsarella.

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