Cooking Class

Live Italian experience with us

Eat a bite of Rome and Naples & drink Tuscany Wine  


More than cooking class, from Pinsarella team you can have a Italian experience. We make and share Italian food, culture and know-how through experiential education in a fun and convivial environment.

We make fresh mozzarella cheese and authentic roman pizza. We use only authentic handmade and  Italian products. Bite the flavors of Italy.

If you can’t to  go to Italy.  Pinsarella team will make you feel right in Italy in mamma kitchen, the center of the Italian family

Only $ 55


       Location: San Diego, San Diego County

       Duration:  3 hours                                 

       Languages: Italian, English and Spanish   

       Includes: Italian food & one glass of Wine

       We will do everything from party planning, grocery shopping, staffing, prep and cooking for (or) with your guests. The best part is we do all the cleanup and dishes!


Pinsa Ancient Roman pizza     

From Pinsarella Chef you have chance to learn how to make  pinsa romana the ancient roman pizza. In this class, you will learn tricks of the trade to making pizza from pinsere the pinsa dough, make toppings, bake pinsa. The Pinsaiolo brings professional culinary experience and some good old-fashioned Italian know-how to this fun, hands-on course.! Immediately upon arrival and having washed your hands, you will put on an Italian apron and you will begin pinsere the pizza dough! You will learn about the ancient history of flat breads and more modernly, the pizza.  You will learn to make a classic Margherita, Amatriciana, Carbonara , Cacio e Pepe, salad up & more.  When the ancient roman pizza are baked, we will enjoy all that we baked both along with Pinsarella’s beautiful Pinsa Gourmet. Don’t forget to save room for the  Pinsa dessert ! –After this, you’ll be ready to make your own pizzas at home!


Hand made fresh mozzarella in front of you. Like in Naples

Pinsarella Chef show you how to made and prepare mozzarella and other cheese from curd. You will learn what mean and where come from mozzarella, how to made mozzarella from spinning to shaping and cutting the balls. You will learn also haw to made burrata and scamorza cheese.

When The Casaro finish to make mozzarella and other cheese, we will bite it still warm. After  this you can taste the difference from fresh authentic mozzarella cheese and other that you usually eat!

Selection of Wines  from Tuscany & more                                                                                  

We may bring  selection of Tuscany wine to share and enjoy one glass of it with meal. Pasta Lasagna, other Italian food wine or craft beer will be available for purchase, please inquire.


To learn more about our current offerings and special arrangements, please call Pinsarella or contact us – phone +1 7609605082

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