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The original flours mix for the Pinsa Romana, (1 Kg Pack – 2,2 Lb) with the perfect the ingredients ideal to make the authentic Roman Pizza: the perfect balance of wheat, soy, rice contained in our flours blend will allow you to make a digestible, crunchy and fragrant Pinsa pie, directly at your home.

Pinsarella flour blend it’s ideal for highly hydrated dough with long maturation: from 24 to 72 hours.

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The original flours mix for the Pinsa Romana with rice and soy.

Soy flour Replaces animal fats that are usually used in the  from the traditional pizza recipe, ensuring the realization of a very light and healthy crust as it is a very light vegetable fat.

Rice flour, on the other hand, is used to make the starch remain intact even during the long leavening. Thanks to the use of the rice flour the dough creates more steam during the cooking process, and the inside remains very soft. Rice flour is also used for the final preparation of the pizza crust (spolvero) but it’s thicker, so it can stick to the dough and can keep the air inside during the backing process. In this way the partially backed dough remains very soft inside but becomes very crunchy outside when cooked.  You can write to us for any enquiry related to Pizza romana making, such as recipe, cooking procedures, amount of water extra virgin olive oil and sourdough needed in order to create the perfect Pinsa Romana dough. For any questions about the making of the authentic Pinsa Romana please contact us now

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