Pinsa Crust: The Authentic Roman Pizza Flatbread

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What is Pinsa Romana?
Pinsa is an Ancient Roman Pizza. A lighter, healthier version of our authentic Italian pizza. This mouthwatering Pinsa is characterized by a crunchy outside with a soft inside, hand-stretched to perfection in the traditional oval shape. The results is a more digestible, low calories, and low fat flatbread crust. Ingredients: Soft Wheat “O” Flour, Water, Soy Flour, Rice Flour, Dried Wheat Sourdough, EVO Oil, Salt.
Storage: Keep refrigerated at 36 f. All ingredients are 100 % Vegan, only Organic and quality ingredients: No Artificial preservatives, no cholesterol, no Added Sugar, Low Gluten content, No GMO.

Our Process

Pinsa high digestibility is due to a long maturation of the dough, the cold preparation technique and the dough high hydration, which makes it much more genuine, digestible, lower in calories and fats than classic pizzas.
We let nature take its course while our dough evolves for 72 hours. This long, low–temperature leavening enables the yeast to work slowly with our high-protein flour. Our Pinsa is Stone baked at 650°F.

Our Products

Freshly artisan par-baked Pinsa Romana:
• Classic Pinsa Crust size 12 x 8”.
• Pinsa Mix Flour “Pinsarella” - mix available also without soy, gluten free.
• Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Pinsarella chef Making pinsa dough. Italian Baker

Best Quality Roman Pizza

Try our special dough 100% organic and Vegan rested for 72hrs

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Our Deliveries are Always On Time.


Special Recipes With EVO Oil and 100% Italian Ingredients.

Taste Food

Pinsarella is Healthier and Crunchier than the usual Pizza. Taste the Difference!

Pinsa Crusts

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