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Look like Pizza but It’s not Pizza It’s PINSAPinsa’s nutritional and high digestibility properties are two elements that will make the difference in the U.S. food market.Taste the difference “

What is PINSA! Is an Ancient Roman Pizza. A lighter, healthier version of our beloved authentic Italian pizza. This mouthwatering Pinsa is characterized by a crunchy outside with a soft inside, shaped to perfection in a traditional oval. Pinsa by nature is a healthier alternative to pizza based on the quality of ingredients and 72 hour dough maturation process. The results area more digestible, low calorie, and low fat alternative to classic pizza! The final product must be crunchy outside and soft inside

A soft bread surrounded by  a light crunchy crust. It boasts the taste of ancient bread  and is  distinguished by its oval shape that makes it both typical and unique. 

Engage in the unique texture of the dough, the light crisp of the crust… Taste the difference!  Pinsa delivers the flavor first from the wheat/rice flour base of the bread and follows up with the flavors of the toppings! The unique mixture of flour comes from family friends, the Di Marco Family, who own the pizza flour company DI Marco, located in my city Guidonia close to Rome, Italy.  Pinsa is characterized by a blend of high-quality flour, wheat, rice, and soy, and dried wheat sourdough. The flavor of Pinsa is not in the toppings but in the bread! The rice in the dough is revolutionary, because no one has even incorporated the qualities of water absorbing and high digestibility making  bread. Pinsa is revolutionizing the market, as it perfectly matches the current growing demand for quality artisan food. The Pinsa’s high digestibility is due to 72 hours “maturation” of the dough, the cold preparation technique and the dough’s high hydration which makes it much more genuine, digestible, low calorie and low fat than classic pizzas.

All ingredients are 100 % Vegan  , We use only organic and quality ingredients, Hand stretched, No Artificial preservatives, ° No Added Sugar, No animal products, No GMO, No artificial Flavors or colors, No saturated fats° Low Gluten content

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